Notice: Proposed Ammendments to the NJLA CUS/ACRL-NJ ByLaws

The NJLA CUS/ACRL-NJ Executive Board approved some minor changes in the ByLaws. According to our ByLaws, we have to advertise it 10 days before our next meeting, allowing the membership to time to comment. This was sent in an email to the membership on September 24, 2016.


1) DUES: We are removing the detailed information about dues, instead stating dues are managed by NJLA and/or ACRL.

2) OFFICERS: We would like to formally list our non-elected, non-voting, appointed members of the executive board. These positions are: Web Coordinator, Legislative Representative, and Job Shadowing/MentorNJ Liaison.

Please see the full description of proposed changes here: 

If you'd like to comment on any of these, please use this google form: by October 6th. With no objections, the attendees of the October 7th will vote on this. As with all Executive board meetings, the membership is invited to attend. Oct 7th meeting is held online from 10-12pm. Please contact me if you'd like to attend.