Member Spotlight

Getting to know:

Carina Gonzalez

Outreach Librarian

Evelyn S. Field Library

Raritan Valley Community College

1.     How did you get involved in NJLA-CUS/ACRL-NJ?  I first found NJLA-CUS and ACRL-NJ when I was researching about academic librarianship.  I was applying to a dream job and wanted as much information as possible to make my resume and application stand out.  In short, I got the job.  ;)

2.     When I’m not at the library, you can find me…..  playing minecraft!  I’ve always been a gamer and librarianship has solidified that love.  I have my own realm and my whole family plays.  Let me know if you’d like to give it a try. 

3.     What is a piece of advice that has helped you as a new librarian (or new to academic librarianship), and/or advice that you would give a new librarian?  My advice to new librarians would be to really pay attention to the culture of your library.  Each one has different policies, procedures, and unwritten rules.  Don’t make assumptions based on the last place you worked.

4.     What is your favorite part of your job?   My favorite part of my job is the moment when you’ve realized you’ve helped somebody.  It is the ultimate high.  Whether during instruction, at an event, or stationed at reference, a smile and a thank you completely validate my day and my career. 

5.     When you were young, what did you want to be when you ‘grew up’?  When I was young I wanted to be a marine biologist.  The reason for this is because I wanted to be a veterinarian but I’m allergic to fur and so I thought marine biologists were dolphin veterinarians.  I also wanted to be an opera singer, a science fiction publisher, and a computer animator.  As an academic librarian and STEM liaison (who sings opera on the side) I don’t have to pick a passion.  I get to do them all.