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The New Jersey Chapter of the Association of College & Research Libraries, also the College and University Section of the New Jersey Library Association, works to enhance the effectiveness of academic and research librarians. We provide opportunities for professional development, continuing education, and networking. There are a number of active committees covering a wide range of library interests allowing librarians to tailor their involvement to their own professional and personal interests.


NJLA Conference 2016 Sessions Sponsored by CUS

There's Never Been a Better Time to Attend NJLA!

The 2016 NJLA Conference is loaded with programs tailored to the needs and interests of college and university librarians. This year, the sessions sponsored and co-sponsored by the College and University Section are spread throughout the Conference, with a choice of two pre-conferences on Monday, six programs on Tuesday, and another six on Wednesday. Experience the full Conference for three days of professional development, networking, and learning All Together Now.

Monday (Preconference)

Open to All: ADA Compliance & Beyond at Your Library --      Libraries want - and need - to provide access to everyone, but how do we make our spaces welcoming for people with disabilities? “Open to All” is about serving people with special needs at your library. This preconference will address etiquette & communication, highlight programs and services geared toward people with impairments, ways to make reasonable accommodations in programs for a general audience, a review of ADA guidelines for buildings, outreach ideas and input from patrons. (Monday, 1-4:30PM)

It's Always Been Done That Way: The Conundrum of Us Versus Them (and What We Can Do About It, Maybe) --   The commonly heard refrain “It’s Always Been This Way!” can infuriate even the most level-headed innovators in librarianship. Can this phrase ever be a useful tool in libraries? If not, why is it so pervasive? Join Bryce Kozla, reformed “pearl clutcher” and “change agent”, to discuss how to be successful with the skills we bring to the table; and how we can work together to foster a workplace that is overtly kind and effective. (Monday, 1-4:30)


·Essential Disability Services for Libraries --          Providing accommodation for staff and patrons with disabilities is not just a humanitarian gesture, it is the law. Yet some of our users make unreasonable demands for adjustments to our library equipment, policies, and services. In this session we will review best practices for staff training, technologies, communication and collaborations related to planning for disabilities accommodations in all types of libraries. (Tuesday, 9-9:50am)

·Calling All Gamers! Game Night in the Academic Library --      Do your students say there’s “nothing to do” on campus? Are students reluctant to come into the library? Looking for an innovative way to connect with outside companies and other campus departments? Georgian Court University Library collaborated with the Office of Student Life, Career Services and an international video game company to establish "Gamers Night at the Library." Learn tips for planning and marketing, along with the library's goals and expenses, and student reactions. (Tuesday, 9-9:50am) 

·Beyond the CE: Cultivating Your Personal Learning Network --           We live in a constantly changing world, and this does not stop at the library doors. There are more continuing education opportunities than ever ranging from Conferences and Unconferences to web sites, blogs, podcasts and social media. Everyone's personal learning network takes a different form, and this panel representing public, school and academic libraries will explore the broad landscape of professional development opportunities for librarians. (Tuesday, 9-9:50am) 

Best Practices in Internal Communication --          Trying to improve your internal communication? Learn the best practices used by leadership at public, academic, and special libraries for keeping all their staff informed. Learn about tools, information sharing across departments, maintaining an atmosphere of openness, as well as practices that might not have worked. (Tuesday, 11:30-12:20pm)

·Getting to Yes: Tips for Selling Your Ideas to the People who Matter --            Do you have a great idea, but wonder how you can present it to your supervisor or library director? A group of panelists will talk about what things you need to consider in order to sell your idea effectively. Bring a sample idea or proposal of your own if you want to get feedback from panelists. This program is offered by MentorNJ, a joint initiative funded by the New Jersey State Library and LibraryLinkNJ, The New Jersey Library Cooperative. (Tuesday, 11:30-12:20pm) 

·Six Years After RDA: Projects, Initiatives, Trends and Directions --                  This presentation will discuss what remains to be done before bibliographic data will become Linked Data and part of the Semantic Web. The basic concepts of the Semantic Web and Linked Data will be explained, and projects such as BIBFRAME Editor, Libhub Initiative, schema.org(link is external), BIBFLOW, MarcNext, and BIBFRAME Scribe will be discussed. First-hand experience will be shared. The presentation will also talk about the challenges for the next five years in RDA cataloging, including incorporating BIBFRAME Editor into libraries. (Tuesday, 11:30-12:20pm)

Tuesday, 3:10-4:00pm

·Awesome Outreach by Academic Libraries --        It is essential that all kinds of libraries work “all together now” for the benefit of all constituents! Attend this panel session to hear about three academic libraries successful outreach activities: a Lego project, a high school partnership and a story hour; and how they are collaborating outside their library walls. Participants will be inspired for new ways to reach their own communities in order to better market their services (Tuesday, 3:10-4:00pm)

Tuesday 4:10-5pm

Fundamentals of Preservation Care --        Part 1: Book Repair Demo: Over time, books can become loose in their hinges, which can result in the hinge breaking altogether. Two solutions to the broken hinge problem will be demonstrated. 2. Presentation: The Fundamentals of Managing Preservation Efforts in Libraries: A brief history of preservation and what it consists of, and how to start a program or develop what you have. The role of preventive care, including good storage conditions, to extend the useful life of collections will be discussed. 

·Shine Bright Like a Diamond: How to Stand out from the Pack and Land Your First Librarian Job --             If you're a current library school student or recent graduate, the challenge of finding your first librarian job may seem daunting, but this panel of professionals from public, school, and academic libraries are here to help! In this panel discussion you will learn proven strategies for increasing your professional experience, improving your resume, cover letter and interviewing skills, and landing your first professional librarian job. This panel will devote substantial time to answering questions from the audience.


Wednesday 9-9:50am

·MARCedit Creator Q&A --             Terry Paul Reese, Jr., Head, Digital Initiatives at The Ohio State University, will lead a session on MarcEdit, a metadata editing suite available to librarians. The program has and will continue to evolve to meet the past, present, and future metadata needs of the library community. MarcEdit presently includes a very rich feature set targeted at making metadata translation and editing easier for both the beginner and advanced users.

Wednesday 11:30-12:20pm

·Maximizing our Collective Energies: Grow, Share and Strengthen --     Have you identified your personal strengths and professional interests? Do you actively seek out opportunities to contribute to your library and professional communities? Attend this session to discover how to re-invigorate your passion for your profession! The presenters will provide examples of how to leverage librarians' personal interests, share knowledge within your library and encourage meaningful team work. These efforts contribute to your individual growth and the overall success of your library.

·Will Librarians be Ready When Professors and Students Move from Print Research Papers to Multimedia Presentations? --           Scholarly communication with a print format has long roots, but it is being replaced by multimedia formats including peer-reviewed video journals. This program explores the academic library implications as multimedia presentations and formats move to become research products by students and professors. Such a change challenges what it means for a researcher to be a productive scholar and for a student to be an educated person. Is the era of the research paper ending?

·New Jersey Authors Speak --           Award-wining professor takes a fresh look at our state in New Jersey: A History of the Garden State emphasizing its diverse heroes and heroines from 1600s to the present. New Jersey biographer presents Godfather of the Music Business: Morris Levy telling the story of a notorious character in the business, founder of Birdland, and publisher of jazz and popular music. Finally, local author and photographer tours Bloomfield Through the Ages in restored historical photographs.

Wednesday 12:30-2:20pm

·College & University Luncheon --   The College and University Section is pleased to welcome Terry Paul Reese, Jr., Head, Digital Initiatives at The Ohio State University, as our luncheon speaker for 2015. He will discuss strategic initiatives related to the development and implementation of the Libraries’ digital libraries infrastructure. The luncheon program will also feature formal presentation of the College and University Section's Distinguished Service Award, the Research Award, and the Technology Innovation Award.

Wednesday 2:30-3:20pm

·College & University Section Research Award Forum -- To recognize excellence in the efforts of NJ librarians, the Research Committee of the NJLA College & University Section and the ACRL NJ Chapter presents an Award & Forum program. The Award is presented for research published in the previous year by a NJ librarian. The Forum presents research conducted by a NJ librarian, whether published or not. Awards & Forum submissions are selected on a competitive basis by the Committee. (See past awards: http://cus.njla.org/content/research-award-history-and-winners

·Keeping Up with Copyright to Protect Your Library --   Join us for a discussion of the current and future state of copyright law and its effect on libraries. We will cover a wide reach of valuable information, including copyright basics like first sale and fair use, with a focus on copyright issues specific to sound recordings, special collections, digitization, unpublished and archival materials. We'll also explore new developments in the law and how they impact libraries. You’ll walk away with more than you knew before about what, when and with whom you can share!

Wednesday 3:40-4:30pm

·Training Tips & Tricks: Templates and Strategies for Training New Staff --    Would you like assurance that your new hire has the information and support they need to succeed? How can you help them feel part of the team, become motivated to serve, succeed and stay? Good training! A panel of experienced library trainers and recent hires will illustrate how to welcome new employees and provide the resources they need. Attendees will be provided with a training template that can be modified to suit their individual library.

·2016 Technology Innovation Awards Forum --     This forum features presentations from the winners and nominees of the 2015 Technology Innovation Award, which honors a librarian or group of librarians for innovative use and application of a technology in a New Jersey academic library. The purpose of the award is to recognize distinguished leadership in developing new technologies for academic libraries. See past award winners on the Technology Committee's site here: http://cus.njla.org/content/technology

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Member Spotlight:

Getting to know: 

Heather Cook
Assistant Director for Public Services
Caldwell University

  1. My first job ever was working as a cashier at a seasonal farm stand. I was able to spend most of my time outside reading!
  2. How long have you been a Librarian? I’ve been a librarian for five years, almost three of those at Caldwell University.
  3. What drew you to Librarianship? I first became interested in librarianship by volunteering in the Children’s Department at my local public library after graduating from college. I was drawn to academic librarianship while working at Bergen Community College during my MLIS coursework after I saw the diverse work of academic librarianship.
  4. What are your favorite ways to stay on top of Library trends? My favorite way to stay up on library trends is through listservs and journal alerts. Being a member of the NJLA/CUS ACRL-NJ Research Committee helps me stay on top of what librarians are doing in New Jersey.
  5. What are you most excited about or interested in currently (either at your institution or in the Library profession in general)? Right now, I am most excited about how the model of the academic library is shifting. Specifically by incorporating more services at the point of need through the Learning Commons model. At Caldwell, our new Learning Commons has fostered a collaboration with writing tutors. This has been a fruitful partnership for the library, tutors, and students.
  6. What do you find most valuable about your NJLA CUS / ACRL-NJ membership? I find the committees the most valuable part of my NJLA CUS /ACRL- NJ membership. I am currently on the Research Committee and the User Ed Committee. They provide a chance to work with librarians outside of my institution.
  7. The best part of my day is when… I am helping people- whether it is a student frantic about a paper or a faculty member embedding streaming videos into their Blackboard course.
  8. List your top five “Desert Island Books” (the five books you’d have to have if you were stranded on a desert island). 1. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, 2. Complete Works of William Shakespeare, 3. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou 4. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, 5. Emily Dickinson Collected Poems.
Winner of the 2016 NJLA-CUS/ACRL-NJ Distinguished Service Award
Richard Kearney, Electronic Resources Librarian of the David and Lorraine Cheng Library of William Patterson University is the recipient of the 2016 Distinguished Service Award, granted by the New Jersey Library Association’s College and University Section/ Association of College and Research Libraries New Jersey chapter. This honor is awarded annually to an individual who, by his or her outstanding contributions, has directly enriched the profession of librarianship in New Jersey.   
This award honors Richard’s leadership on behalf of libraries, librarians and the library profession in New Jersey. His main contributions have been in his area of professional specialization. He has been a member of the VALE Electronic Resources Committee since 2005, with most years including the current year as Chair. He has also served as one of the academic library representatives to the New Jersey Statewide Database Advisory Committee since 2013. Richard thoughtfully and thoroughly vets new databases and negotiates with various database providers and his database negotiations benefits NJ academic libraries. Richard is an ambassador for the open access movement and is seen as a statewide leader and advocate for educational and libraries issues.
In addition, Richard served as Vice-President/President/Past-President (2007-2010) of the NJLA College and University Section and co-chaired the Vale User's Conference for fifteen years. We are truly honored to give Richard this award. 
A formal presentation of the award will take place at the College and University Section’s luncheon at 12:30pm on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at the Harrah's Waterfront Conference Center in Atlantic City, NJ. Please join the NJLA-CUS/ACRL-NJ Executive Board in offering Richard congratulations and appreciation for his contributions to the academic library profession.
Picture of Richard Kearney
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